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All About Online Title Loans in Antioch CA

If you are resident in Antioch and are looking for a bad credit loan, bad credit title loans in Antioch CA may be a suitable option for you. These are personal loans that are secured with your car and therefore offer less risk to the lender. This is passed on to you in terms of flexibility, convenience and simplicity, resulting in a loan solution that can be suitable for bad credit applicants.

bad credit title loans in Antioch CA

Secured Personal Loans

Bad credit car title loans are secured loans. The loans use your car as collateral with the lender becoming the new lienholder when you take the loan. The lien will remain with the lender for the entire loan period, returning to you only once you have repaid the loan in full. Because it is the security for the loan, your car will determine the size of the loan you are offered with the calculation based on the current market value of the car. You are able to keep your car and keep driving it while you repay the loan even though the lender holds the lien. In order to be able to apply for a title loan, you must have a car with a valid title and insurance.

Applying for the Loan

Bad credit title loans in Antioch CA can be applied for online or over the phone. If applying online, you can complete the form on the website by filling in your personal details and information about your car. This information can be provided over the phone as well. This should only take a couple of minutes and can result in instant pre-approval. You then need to take your paperwork into the office, where you will finalize the terms and conditions of the loan and the repayment schedule.

Fast Loans for All Applicants

Bad credit title loans in Antioch CA offers loans for all applicants. They can even offer bad credit title loans for people who are unemployed. Our credit criteria isn’t based solely on your credit score, so if you can show you have the ability to repay the loan, most chances you’ll get approved.

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