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Car Title Loans in Antioch CA

Cash for Bad Credit in Antioch

Are you walking the floor worrying about all those unpaid bills? Well, save your bedroom carpet and pick up the phone to call (925) 401-7210. Whether its dawn or dark, there will be a friendly, caring voice on the other end of the line – and providing you are a registered car owner, you soon might be seeing the hard cash you’ve been dreaming or despairing about.

Lending Money To All Credit Types

Getting a car title loan in Antioch CA is easy. One call to (925) 401-7210 gets things going really fast. In fact there are just three easy steps:

  1. Get Approved
  2. Provide Your Car Title
  3. Get the Cash

Our Branch:

1921 Verne Roberts Circle, Antioch, CA. 94509. Will be open for business Soon.

No hidden charges and no awkward conditions. And remember – you keep your car whilst paying off the loan. We become the legal temporary lien holder of the car title during the period of the loan and immediately following the very last loan repayment, the title returns to the borrower.

Bad credit doesn’t have to be a problem

Having a bad credit record is not necessarily a problem when you apply for a car title loan in Antioch. The title to your car is almost all that we need to put money in your pocket. The people who you speak to are friendly and will provide all the necessary information. Everything will be explained and all your questions answered.

During the period of the loan, we become the legal lien holder of the car & as soon as the very last payment of the loan has been handed in, the title will be returned to you.

Get the Cash You Need Instantly!

If you can’t keep up with the bills or you need the money for any other purpose, start dialing (925) 401-7210 and in next to no time you’ll be applying for a car title loan in Antioch CA. The loans start at $2,600 and go higher, depending on the remaining equity of your privately owned vehicle.

Keep Your Car While You Pay Back The Loan!

Call Us at (925) 401-7210